Best time to visit Zambia

There are three distinct seasons to consider travelling to Zambia; April – August is cool and dry, September – November is dry and warm, and December – March is the hot wet season.

The best time for game viewing is during the dry season (May – October), as the animals are concentrated around rivers and waterholes. During the Zambia wet season (November – April) wildlife become more dispersed and harder to spot through the lush vegetation, however bird lovers can enjoy the arrival of a variety of bird species. This is also the best time for water based activities as water levels are highest (note that certain of the camps close during the wet season).

The Victoria Falls in Zambia are at their most spectacular when the volume of water is high (usually January to March), but by contrast white-water rafting is at its best when river levels are low as the rapids are exposed (roughly August to December).

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