South Luangwa National Park 365

Offering both remoteness and dense game populations, South Luangwa National Park is the southernmost of Zambia’s safari parks and encompasses over 9 000 square kilometres of woodland savannah, a staggering three quarters of which remains largely unexplored.

When it comes to wildlife populations, the South Luangwa is hard to beat, particularly in the areas surrounding the Luangwa River and is home to 4 of the Big 5 (rhino fell into extinction in Zambia as a result of poaching), as well as impressive variety of predators. In total, 60 species of animal are found here, along with an amazing 400 bird species.

The home of the walking safari, it’s also one of the best places to explore the wilderness on foot, and one of the few that permit night game drives (the best and often only way to see certain species, as well as offering different encounters with wildlife who are visible during the day – such as buffalo, elephant, lion and wild dog). Excellent for hippo sightings – you’re likely to see large pods in the Luangwa River along with gigantic crocodiles.