Kafue National Park 365

Covering a staggering 22 400 square kilometres, the Kafue National Park hosts diverse habitats and an equally varied range of species. Located only two hours’ drive from Livingstone, it is still nevertheless largely unaffected by mass tourism and remains one of the truly remote areas of Zambia – making it an excellent choice for visitors looking for real wilderness. 

A large portion of Kafue is made up of open savannah grasslands and consequently it is one of the only places in Zambia where you can see cheetah. It is also home to the endangered wild dog, leopard and lion, and an astounding 490 species of bird.

The Busanga Plains, in the northern part of the park, are worth including on your itinerary – these floodplains nurture a wide range of herbivores (and as a result predators), and can be experienced in myriad ways: on game drives, walking safaris, boat excursions and canoeing trips. In the dry season, game gathers around the swamps and remaining water sources, providing exceptional sightings. Game viewing in the south of the park is slightly more challenging than the north due to thick woodland habitat that makes animals harder to spot.