Zanzibar 365

Located off the east coast of Tanzania, the Zanzibar Archipelago encompasses everything you would expect, or want from an African beach destination: palm-fringed white beaches, warm blue waters, a laid-back atmosphere and cultural complexity. 

The archipelago includes the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and Mnemba – each has a slightly different atmosphere and varying levels of culture, history, activity and exclusivity. The larger islands are lush and fertile, home to the spice farms and fruit plantations for which Zanzibar is known. 

Zanzibar as a whole has a remarkable history and its cuisine and culture have both African and Arabic influences. This is best demonstrated in Stone Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site further inland from the coast – where you’ll find the blend most evident in the architecture and marketplaces. 

In recent years, Zanzibar has gained in popularity as a holiday destination, and yet still retains its authentic atmosphere and laid-back appeal. While it is a destination in itself, an itinerary combining a visit here with a safari through one of Tanzania’s parks makes for a truly memorable African holiday.