Why Tarangire National Park is a Must See

Giant baobab trees stand tall on short grass plains in Tarangire National Park. Savannas, swamps and marshes border each other for hundreds of kilometers. Colossal herds of elephant wander across the rolling grasslands and a myriad of wildlife amble throughout the park. This beautiful safari destination in the north of Tanzania is only a few hours from Arusha.

Lonely Planet has called Tarangire National Park one of Africa’s most underrated parks with it often being overshadowed by big names such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Similar to Lonely Planet, we believe there are many features of Tarangire National Park that make it worth far more than just a day visit.

Safari365's top five reasons that Taragire National Park is a must see:

The Abundance of Elephants

Elephant in Tarangire

Tarangire is most well-known for the large herds of elephant that call the park home. Herds can number up to 300 and seeing these gentle giants meander across the plains and under the iconic baobab trees is a truly memorable safari experience. The best time to view the elephant is during the Dry Season between July and October when the herds gather along the Tarangire River. The park is home to diverse wildlife including buffalo, giraffe zebra, Thompson’s gazelle, mongoose, warthog and the resultant predators such as lion and leopard.

The Magnificent Landscapes

Baobab trees in Tarangire National Park

When speaking with people who have been lucky enough to visit Tarangire National Park about their experience, one of the first images that jump to their minds will be of the signature baobab trees. The trees grow stoically across the park adding to the beautiful and distinctive setting. Tarangire is made up of different environments including savanna plains and swamps that are almost impenetrable during the wet season.

Walking Safaris are available in certain parts of the park. Exploring the scenery and wildlife on foot is a truly memorable way to experience Tarangire.


Convenient Position on the Northern Circuit

Tarangire National Park Safari

As mentioned above, Tarangire is included in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit. With the park only a few hours from the city of Arusha (the gateway to safaris in the north) it is conveniently placed to make for a fantastic first stop on your safari trip.


It’s Quieter

Tarangire National Park Safari

The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are incredibly popular safari destinations which means they are busy – especially so during the Dry Season. Tarangire National Park sees fewer tourists than its more well-known neighbors. The feeling of being secluded, remote and “off the beaten path” is usually reserved for safaris in the south. However, Tarangire National Park gives visitors a similar experience of peace and quiet while on safari.


It’s Great for Birding

Tarangire National Park Birding Safari

Take your safari viewing skywards - Tarangire National Park is home to 500+ species of bird making it a fantastic destination for birding enthusiasts! Keep an eye out for some larger animals joining the feathered creatures among the branches as is it not uncommon to spot tree-climbing lion in Tarangire.

With the wealth of memorable safari experiences and the breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife, this national park is a not-so-hidden gem along the Northern Circuit. Tarangire is definitely not to be missed!

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