Serengeti National Park 365

Considered one of the all-time great safari destinations, the Serengeti National Park is also synonymous for many with Africa itself – sweeping plains, silhouetted acacia trees and saturated sunsets, and some of the most prolific game viewing on earth.

Scenery and sightings aside, it also offers amazing variety – with a plethora of lodging types and locations, and great cultural depth. While it’s best known for the iconic annual Great Migration (which sees vast herds of wildebeest traverse the country in search of new grazing), it’s a spectacular destination for game and scenery year round

An expansive wilderness area spanning approximately 15 000 square kilometres, it’s bordered by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria and the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Because it’s so vast, different areas are optimal at different times of year – and so the key to a successful Serengeti safari is to plan strategically with this in mind. This entails not only choosing your location and timing your trip carefully, but also considering what type of tour and accommodation you’d prefer. More information on these variable factors can be found on our Great Migration section, and our travel experts are also on hand to offer insight and advice.