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Katherine S, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2017

Incredible, Unexpected & Beautiful
Katherine embarked on an East African Adventure visiting world famous sites including the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Masai Mara.

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Hermes S, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in July 2017

Great Tanzanian Safari
Hermes travelled to iconic destinations across Tanzania.

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Bob T, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in June 2017

Fun, Informative and Unforgettable African Adventure
Bob enjoyed fantastic safaris in three memorable destinations including Tanzania, Zambia, and Victoria Falls.

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Kate D, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in May 2017

Incredible African Adventure!
Kate and Mike had an incredible African Adventure through Southern and East Africa.

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Nick G, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in November 2016

Outstanding Tanzanian honeymoon trip
This honeymoon trip to Tanzania proved to be exceptional.

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Michael R, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in June 2016

Incredible East African Adventure
We really loved every minute of our African Adventure. Our safari in Kenya and Tanzania was simply wonderful.

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Sharron N, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in May 2016

All the places we visited were great and everything was well coordinated
Africa is a very special place and our trip was flawless!

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Robert G, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in March 2016

Everyday was something special!
An incredibly special trip spent on safari in Tanzania and relaxing in Zanzibar.

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Larry M, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in March 2016

Beautiful Tanzania!
Africa was breath taking, the pictures I took could not capture the beauty, the lushness or the expansive nature of Tanzania!

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Cheryl D, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2015

Great lodges, food and safari experiences
Excellent Safari trip to Tanzania, from accommodation, food, and safari's.

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Yohann J, Canada
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2015

Spectacular !!
I have always thought that perfection was unattainable ... you came close.

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Rob L, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in July 2015

Fabulous and cleverly conceived!
I had the best organised friendliest and most interesting trip!

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Pat D, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2014

The most amazing Tanzanian holiday we have ever had.
Australian traveler Pat wanted to experience the history and culture of the Massaai, as well as one of the greatest natural sights in Tanzania – the great migration. We exceed all expectations with 7 day safari journey of a lifetime.

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Safari365 , South Africa
Travelled to Tanzania in June 2014

Safari365 loves going on Safari!
Every year we leave our Cape Town desks behind to experience the heart of Africa. Our annual ‘safari inspection’ to the Serengeti and Masai Mara is an effort to find our guests the best spots in the East Africa – a recommended must on your bucket list.

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Jarrod P, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in May 2014

First trip to Africa at the end of a round the world trip.
There is perhaps nothing better and more ‘proudly African’ than a Tanzania safari. Just consider Jarrod, an Australian traveler who visited Africa’s Wildlife Eden.

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David H, Sweden
Travelled to Tanzania in October 2013

Fantastic two weeks of vacation in East Africa
A Tanzania safari can be one of the most exotic and romantic escapes. Which is exactly what David, and his wife, from Sweden discovered when they visited unspoiled Mafia Island which was followed with a visit to Selous…

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William A, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in September 2013

Great game viewing in Kenya and Tanzania
This evaluation is based on what we expected from a five-star Safari trip. On a scale of 5 to 10, 10 being the best I like to evaluate this Safari trip. Safari Hotel 9. Safari Link flights 10. Amboseli Park 9 - viewing and the closeness and quantity of wild…

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Cheryl O, Canada
Travelled to Tanzania in September 2013

We saw thousands of wildebeests crossing the Mara River
Memorable family trips are priceless. When took Cheryl’s loved ones, from Canada, on a Tanzania safari they came back with plenty of stories that warmed our heart and fueled our wanderlust. What an honor! Thank you for your kind words Cheryl.

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Richard B, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2013

Tanzania was Everything I had hoped
The great migration on a Tanzania safari is definitely one of the greatest African highlights anyone can experience. When USA traveler Richard was waiting for his flight back home, he took out the time to tell us about his.

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Joe K, Scotland
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2013

The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater has been amazing
Great views have way of climbing into our heart instantly. When Scottish traveler Joe returned to Safari365, for yet another stellar vacation, we sent him to the Ngorongoro Crater. He came back with a glowing review.

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Kerrie F, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in August 2013

Well matched travel companions on our Tanzania safari
When Kerrie, a traveler from Australia, went on one of our Tanzania safaris she returned with priceless feedback – wisdom we love sharing with our travel experts and other guests. In addition, Kerrie also recommends us to all to all her friends.

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William O, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in July 2013

East Africa was a truly a wonderful wildlife safari experience
A Tanzania safari is arguably one of the most iconic African experiences under the sun. When William from USA traveled to the top East Africa destination he was pleasantly surprised – his fellow guests even more so.

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Christian H, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in March 2013

We saw more than expected in Tanzania
When Christian and his wife Alison, from USA, went a Tanzania safari they got much more they bargained for. So much so, they want to go back. We look forward to arranging their next unforgettable trip to Africa.

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Rosemarie H, USA
Travelled to Tanzania in February 2013

Sites and people in Tanzania are amazing
We treasure any and all feedback that our guests provide. When USA traveler Rosemarie went on a Tanzania safari she returned with useful advice – not just for us, but for anyone that wants to visit one of East Africa’s top destinations.

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Lara R, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in December 2012

A great experience in Tanzania
When you’re touring through the heart of Africa the last thing you want to feel is unsafe and unorganized. Lara, from Australia, found her Tanzania safari to be the polar opposite. She now recommends us to all her friends and family.

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Rosanne J, Australia
Travelled to Tanzania in October 2011

A holiday of a life time in Tanzania
Australians are used to the outback, so when Rosanne as an Australian traveler wanted to go on a Tanzania safari we made sure everything was beyond perfect. She called it the holiday of a lifetime with 420 photos each to prove it!

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