Sun City Resort 365


Described as a ‘world within a city’ Sun City is SA’s premier holiday resort – a tropical paradise of waterfalls, jungle (even a man-made beach) built in the bush. The easy two-hour drive from Johannesburg makes it a perennially popular destination for weekends away and the combination of world-class Gary Player designed golf course, adventure and water sports, video arcades, game viewing, casinos and cabaret means it offers something to every age group and makes it an ideal family getaway. 


Sun City’s climate is characterized by temperate year-round weather. In summer expect long hot days, and temperatures reaching 32°C with occasional afternoon thunderstorms and balmy evenings. Winter brings dry, cooler weather, and cold nights, which drop to around 3°C. Bear in mind that South Africa’s longest national and school holidays – ie the resort’s peak period – also fall during the summer months, so plan your dates accordingly. 


Being a self-contained resort, prices are determined by the hotel group. However, within the resort complex (which includes four hotels), there is a sliding scale – from the Palace of the Lost City (at the high end, famous for its dramatic African inspired architecture), to The Cascades Hotel and Sun City Hotel (mid-range alternatives) and the Cabanas Hotel (which caters for the budget-conscious traveller).