The Drakensberg and Midlands 365

The magnificent Drakensberg mountain range stretches over 200km and forms a natural border between KwaZulu Natal and the Kingdom of Lesotho. The highest mountains in South Africa, translated Drakensberg means ‘Dragon Mountains’ – also referred to in Zulu as uKhahlamba, or ‘barrier of spears’. A World Heritage site, the mountains feature 200 million-year-old geological formations and tens of thousands of rock and cave paintings made by the San people over a period of 4 000 years.

A hiker’s paradise, it offers countless hikes and peaks to explore – Giants Castle, Cathedral Peak and Mont-Aux-Sources being some of the best and most strenuous hiking in South Africa. Along these routes, you’ll find cascading waterfalls, crystal mountain streams, rock pools and lush yellowwood forests, and rich bird and plant life.

In close proximity is the KwaZulu Natal Midlands – a charming and picturesque area that reflects its roots as an English settlement. Its idyllic hills, fields and farms are dotted with plentiful charming accommodation from cottages, to fine country houses.