KwaZulu Natal 365


Known for its tropical climate, easygoing pace and stunning scenery, KwaZulu Natal has enormous scope – from the spectacle of the Drakensberg mountains to the romantic rolling hills of the Midlands and the lush tropical coastline. Durban, the capital, is a melting pot of African, European and Indian heritage – a combination that comes through strongly in the culture and cuisine of the city. Boasting bush, beach and berg, it’s an ideal self-drive holiday to experience all three. 


KwaZulu Natal is a great year-round destination owing to its moderate climate. It is warm to hot all year round with a few sultry months with high humidity and high temperatures. Due to the drop in rainfall, the best time for visiting is between May and August, with most rain occurring between October and January.


Because KwaZulu Natal is such a diverse destination, it’s incredibly varied in its pricing. Less well-known internationally than Cape Town (for beach) and Kruger (for bush) however, you might find certain experiences more affordable here. It’s entirely customizable though – accommodation ranges from exclusive beach house rentals to Air Bnb, and five-star hotels and lodges.