Depending on your African destination and the type of safari you ultimately book, you could be in any number of safari vehicle types. Below is an overview of the most common.

Open 4×4 Safari Vehicles

Designed to carry 6 to 8 guests, open safari vehicles do not have a roof and offer face to face encounters with nature. Taken out at dusk and dawn, a tracker sits on the bonnet reading animal tracks whilst the guide drives and ensures your safety.  These are the common vehicle type and private lodges and camps throughout Southern and East Africa, and will be used when clients fly to the camp they are staying at.

Hatch Top Safari Vehicles

Designed for comfort, hatch top safari vehicles are modified Landcruiser 4×4’s with pop-up roofs that can be closed when traveling long distances. Primarily used in locations such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda these safari vehicles are known for handling tough terrain. Its cozy cabin also provides protection from unexpected rains, winds and mud splashes. Hatch tops vehicles also feature a host of creature comforts such as a built-in fridge, high backed seats and wide range radio system to ensure you never get lost in the wild. In addition, drivers are professionally trained according to a strict contingency plan.

Minivan Safari Vehicles

A favorite in Kenya, minivan safari vehicles are great for travelling long distances and are used on the scheduled departure safaris, to areas where a 4×4 is not necessary.