Sabi Sands 365

Situated in the south western corner of the Kruger National Park, with which it shares unfenced borders, Sabi Sands is one of SA’s oldest and best-known private game reserves. Varied landscape and perennial water supply result in a high concentration and great diversity of wildlife, making for some of best game viewing in Southern Africa. Although for many the Big 5 (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhio and leopard), is the goal, don’t discount special sightings of shyer creatures such as serval, African wild cat, aardvark, pangolin, large-spotted genet, civet and porcupine. Sabi Sands is especially good for cat sightings, and birdlife (over 300 species). 

Being private, the reserve offers a supremely high standard of accommodation options – you’ll find a range of luxurious lodges and camps to choose from – and is at the higher end of the price range, due to its location and exclusivity. For an ideal safari experience, combine two or three nights here, before moving on to another reserve.