Eastern Cape 365


A firm fixture on the safari scene, the Eastern Cape’s renewed strength as a wildlife destination is courtesy of a sustained effort reclaiming former farmland and transforming it into a region rich in animal, bird and plant life. With a multitude of (malaria-free) safari parks (including Addo Elephant National Park, Shamwari Game Reserve, Amakhala Game Reserve and Kwandwe Private Reserve), and pristine coastline, the Eastern Cape makes an ideal self-drive family getaway combining beach and bush. 


A vast province stretching over varying terrains and altitudes, the weather in the Eastern Cape depends on where you are. Generally speaking, the climate at the coast experiences more wind and higher levels of humidity (increasing as you approach KwaZulu-Natal and decreasing towards the Western Cape). Conditions inland towards the Karoo are usually drier and hotter with lower rainfall. In summer, temperatures range from 16º to 26º C, while winter temperatures range from 7º to 20º C. 


The province’s diversity extends to its accommodation, travel and leisure options. While the various safari lodges come with rates appropriate to the standard of their accommodation and amenities, there is a broad spectrum catering to all budgets. Likewise, your coastal and road-trip accommodation from town to town can be tailored to your price range – some of the hamlets off the beaten track are surprisingly affordable.