Cederberg and the West Coast 365


A spectacular wilderness 200 kilometres north of Cape Town and encompassing some 71 000 hectares, the Cederberg is framed by the Cederberg Mountain range, thought to be one of the oldest formations on earth and renowned for ancient rock paintings left by the San. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking and 4×4 excursions. Further towards the ocean, the West Coast is a region that stretches along the Atlantic, dotted with fishing villages, all the way to Namibia. A water sportsman’s paradise with secret surf spots, it’s most famous for the wild flowers that transform the landscape between August and November. 


Summer in South Africa runs from November to March, but between November and February, the powerful ‘Cape Doctor’, a strong south-easterly wind prevalent on the West Coast, is in full force. So for those intent on a beach or hiking holiday complete with ocean and waterfall swims, March and April are ideal – it’s still summer but the extreme heat has subsided and the wind settles to a degree. Those visiting the region with the goal of witnessing the wild flowers will need to visit during spring (August to October), when they emerge in all their glory


Low-key accommodation is what this area is known for – think mountain cabins and beach cottages, some of which are located in national parks. Most of the options in the mountains will be self-catering but there will be more luxurious options available in the towns along the coast. On the whole, you can tailor an idyllic nature escape on a very modest budget in this part of the country.