Franschhoek 365

Situated just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, Franschhoek (‘French corner’) is an historical wine region dating back 300 years. Originally known as the ‘Valley of the Huguenots’ courtesy of its French Huguenot founders, this charming town’s French influence is still very apparent in its culture and architecture.

The Franschhoek Wine Valley is world-renowned for its award-winning wine, gourmet cuisine and spectacular scenery, and is home to some of the country’s oldest and best-known wine estates (including Chamonix, Boschendal, L’Ormarins and Haute Cabriere). Its proximity to Cape Town makes it an ideal day trip, but it’s definitely worth spending a few nights here, as there are numerous farms to explore and attractions to visit.

Wine culture aside, Franschhoek’s main streets are lined with a range of art and antique shops, galleries, cafes and boutiques. And for the culinary minded, this is one of the country’s hotspots, with a concentration of award-winning restaurants in town or nearby.