Windhoek 365

With a strong German heritage in terms of its architecture and origins, the city’s cosmopolitan population – made up of Herero, Owambo, Damara, Kavango, Baster, Nama, San, Afrikaans and German people – is an eclectic mix and offers insight into the country’s complex cultural and political past. 

Centrally located, Windhoek is a small (in relative terms) and compact city (albeit the largest in Namibia) and one of the safest and most relaxed cities in Southern Africa, making it a great place to begin your journey and spend a day or two getting accustomed to your surroundings and acclimatizing, before you set out for the wilderness.

It has a strong cafe culture, and its pedestrian district is geared towards leisurely retail and people watching and an excellent starting point for a walking tour of the city. In terms of accommodation, there is a wide range catering to a diverse type of traveller – from luxurious hotels in castles to budget-friendly but comfortable chalets.