Best time to visit Namibia

With 300 days of sunshine per year, Namibia  is considered a year round travel destination.

Average temperatures in winter (May to September) are 18—25° C and the days are cooler and drier (night temperatures can be very cold, dropping to below freezing in some desert areas). This is considered one of th best times to visit as the sun is still shining but temperatures are slightly cooler and more comfortable especially in the warm heart and desert areas of the country.

The summer months (December to March) can be hot with temperatures of around 35—40° C. Temperatures along the coast are cooled by the Benguela Current and are comfortable all year round.

Most of the countryside is totally unrecognizable after the rains, which fall mostly from February—March, as the landscape is green and full of unusual flowering plants.

Namibia is a dry country, so make sure you pack lip balm, a scarf/sarong, a good hat and sunscreen to make sure your travel to Namibia is comfortable.

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