Etosha National Park 365

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s premier safari destination. Located in northern Namibia, the park encompasses a variety of types of terrain, from deserts and woodlands to open grasslands and natural springs. 

Despite its semi-arid climate, Etosha is rich in wildlife and the variety you’ll find is one of the reasons it’s viewed as a top-tier safari choice. A visit will likely yield sightings of elephant, gemsbok, giraffe, zebra, springbok, lion, and leopard, as well as the possibility of rarer species such as dik dik (a tiny antelope native to Southern Africa), cheetah and black rhino.

The central point of Etosha is the large shimmering salt pans – which make up almost a quarter of the park’s area – and watering holes, which after the seasonal rainfall, fill up and attract and provide sanctuary for thousands of wading birds and wildlife. As the dry season progresses, so does the scarcity of water in Etosha and these become the only source of water for the Etosha wildlife – which makes viewing around these hotspots incredibly rewarding.