Tim Culley

 Mauritius is a perennially popular holiday destination for a boatload of reasons and has universal appeal – great for groups of friends, special occasions, romantic honeymoons, the list goes on. But one of the biggest factors in its eternal success year on year in drawing visitors from all over the world, is how well it caters to visitors of all ages – making it a fool-proof choice for a family holiday. 

Pleasant year-round weather and beautiful scenery lend this island destination to outdoor activities, exploration and water sports, ideal to keep busy energy-filled children and teens occupied and engaged, while beach time, great restaurants, spas and bars cater to the adult contingent. But over and above its natural appeal, Mauritius’ hospitality industry has earned a reputation for being particularly well-suited to families. 

So what makes it so beloved by family groups time and time again? A multitude of factors, that when combined pave the way for a relaxing, fun, affordable and easy holiday, sure to be enjoyed by every member of the family, young and old. Here’s why. 

Child-friendly hotels 

Hotels in Mauritius are particularly well-equipped to appeal to guests of a range of ages, and are geared as well for children as they are to their parents. Aside from the natural conduciveness of the island to outdoor games and sport, many resorts offer access to some form of kids’ club, which allows parents to enjoy some downtime safe in the knowledge that their children are well taken care of and participating in a host of entertaining activities. From face-painting and movie screening to pool games and craft sessions, there are stimulating and creative pastimes to keep them occupied, as well as childcare for after-hours and special menus to appeal to little ones at meal times. 

A multitude of activities

From glass-bottomed boat rides and catamaran cruises, to snorkelling with fish and swimming with dolphins, the aquatic adventure suitable for younger (and older) children are numerous. In addition, for teen and adult guests, there’s water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, hiking and biking to enjoy. Most of the hotels and resorts will offer some of these activities included in your package – making participation seamless, while others, like scuba diving lessons may entail an extra cost. Mauritius offers more than just the ocean however, so for those looking further afield than sporting activities, cultural tours, market browsing and cooking courses are some other activities available. 

Relative affordability 

Considered one of the more affordable island destinations (in comparison to the Maldives and the Seychelles for example), Mauritius makes sense for family groups. The format of all-inclusive hotel packages also means you get a lot of bang for your buck if your holiday itinerary entails lots of activities (in that they won’t get added to your tally at the end), as well as most meals included. Ranging levels of luxury too mean that there are options and packages for a range of budget limits. 

Options for accommodation

While resorts and hotels are often the most convenient and seamless way to book a holiday with a family, it’s not the only way to approach accommodation during your stay in Mauritius. For those looking at ways to cut costs, renting a private self-catering villa is a good option – it offers freedom and privacy for your family while allowing you to set the budget yourself. (Remember though that hotel packages do include meals and activities when doing your sums to assess what will work out more affordably in the long run.)