Samburu Game Reserve 365

Samburu Game Reserve is situated in the arid shrublands of northern Kenya. Remote and relatively less known, it is virtually devoid of tourists, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a low-traffic safari experience.

On the small side, it nevertheless offers some of the best game viewing in northern Kenya. The rugged landscape is traversed by the Uaso Nyiro River, which provides an essential water source for the reserve’s wildlife, which includes a number of species rarely found anywhere else, such as the Beisa oryx, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, vulturine guinea fowl and Somali ostrich. It’s also home to large herds of elephant, gazelle, gerenuk, waterbuck, dik dik and predators such as lion, cheetah and hyena. An unusual sight that you can look forward to is leopard during daylight, a common occurrence here.

Samburu Game Reserve is situated within the ancestral lands of the Samburu tribes, a clan of the Maasai. The Samburu have a nomadic pastoralist lifestyle that is intrinsically linked to their livestock, which they live off. They play a major role in tourism in the region, as they offer visitors the opportunity to learn about their traditional ceremonies, cuisine, dances and crafts.