Laikipia National Park 365

Laikipia Plateau is fast gaining recognition as a top Kenyan safari destination for its incredible density of wildlife (second only to the Masai Mara) and the opportunity it offers for sightings of a number of rare and endangered species (black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, African wild dog and sitatunga). 

Located in the central highlands of Kenya, the plateau extends from Mount Kenya in the east to the Rift Valley in the west. Second in size only to Tsavo National Park, it spans around 9 500 square kilometres of truly wild country. Originally made up of privately owned cattle ranches, Laikipia is now a patchwork of land that is almost entirely privately or communally owned, either by the farmers or by the local Maasai and Samburu communities, who together, have created a sprawling conservation area with most of the ranches operating as private game reserves.

Because Laikipia is largely privately owned, there are fewer visitors and the usual stringent national park regulations do not apply, which means that visitors can experience a wider range of wildlife-viewing activities, such as walking safaris, camel rides and horseriding.