Kenya Beaches 365

For many Kenya is associated with savannah and safari, and while this is undoubtedly one of the best places on earth to experience this, it is an equally idyllic beach holiday destination, worth considering when planning your itinerary.

While the common denominators are pristine beaches, warm water and spectacular coral reefs, each destination offers something slightly different. The Lamu Archipelago, off the north coast, consists of a number of small islands, the most popular of which is Lamu Island. Its low-key atmosphere and fascinating culture (historical sites and colourful markets reflect the island’s unique history) are complemented by a range of water activities ranging from dhow cruises to snorkelling and swimming with dolphins.

For relaxation and palm-fringed beaches, the South Coast is highly recommended, especially for families (there’s a plethora of activities to keep all age groups entertained, from golf to kiddies clubs). It’s also a good choice for honeymooners looking for peace and privacy.

Mombasa, one of Kenya’s most popular destinations has a fun and vibrant energy, and it’s here you’ll find the larger resorts. In addition to the excellent beaches, Mombasa also offers bustling markets, historic buildings and a fusion of East and West. North of Mombasa, Malindi has some of the best beaches and resorts in Kenya and its snorkelling and scuba diving are superb (it’s located within the Malindi Marine National Park), as is the deep-sea fishing.