Okavango Weather and Climate

The Okavango Delta is an inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches the Kalahari basin. Swelling significantly during seasonal floods, the Delta is an oasis in the middle of a semi-arid region making for a fantastic safari destination.

Wet Season

The Okavango Delta experiences a hot, wet summer. The summer rains begin in December and reach their peak from January to February before easing off during March. The region receives most of its annual rainfall during the beginning of the year.

Summer is relatively quiet for tourists as the heat and humidity are high with temperatures reaching 40°C (104°F). While most wildlife disperses into the surrounding woodlands during this time, the wet season is a good time for bird watching in the Delta.

Dry Season

May and June are transition months. The Okavango Delta moves from hot, wet weather into the cool, dryness of winter. May and June also bring the beginnings of the seasonal flooding in the Okavango Delta. Days become milder and the nights are cool.

July to September is the Okavango Delta’s main dry season. It is also the regions high season as it is a prime time for wildlife viewing as animals arrive to the lagoons and delta channels in search of water.

The flooding peaks between June and August. Water from the summer rains in Angola’s Highlands drains into the Okavango Delta with the Delta swelling and attracting hoards of animals.

October to December is another transition period with the cool weather fading and the heat and humidity increasing. During the day, the humidity can become uncomfortable. The arrival of the rainy season in December brings some relief from the heat.


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