Best Time to Visit Moremi

Game viewing is impressive throughout the year in Moremi, however during the dry months (July – October) a Moremi safari is at its most thrilling when seasonal pans dry up and wildlife concentrates on the permanent water. The temperatures in Moremi reaches their zenith in October, which is commonly referred to as ‘suicide month’ – a fact worth remembering when considering a time to visit Moremi.

The resident game in Moremi Mombo Concession is so good that travelling here is always productive, while the Xigera area is at its most beautiful from April to July, and high enough water levels allow mokoro and boat trips at any time of the year.

The wet season starts as the rain begins to fall in November and will last until March. The bush becomes lush and green, and birdlife is flourishing, however, it is not considered the best time to visit Moremi as road passage can become difficult due to sodden tracks.

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