Animals and Wildlife in Chobe

When it comes to game viewing, the Chobe National Park animals do not let down. The Chobe is a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts and has gained a first-class reputation thanks to its huge herds of elephants – by far the largest concentration in the world! When it comes to scouting out the Chobe animals, what you want to see highly effects the region the region you’ll visit.

Four distinctive eco systems in Chobe National Park

The park divided into 4 distinctive eco systems that contribute widely to its animal diversity. These areas include the Chobe riverfront (north-east), the Savute Marsh (west), Linyati swamps (north-west), and the dry hinterland (in between).

Chobe National Park animals of the Chobe river front

Without a doubt, the riverfront is the most popular place to vacation. Safari boats are the way to travel here where you can see huge herds of elephants gracing the banks. The elephants monopolize the area and it is likely you’ll observe them chasing away other wildlife from “their” territory. However, by mid mornings, zebra and antelope (sables, kudu and bushbuck) make their way to the banks once the elephants are done.  Another dominant animal on the river are Cape buffalo. Herds of up to 1500 often occupy the riverfront at one time and, for those looking for some action, this is for you. Where there are buffalo, there are lions and the evenings are the perfect time to watch hyenas, leopards and lion in action. As for water dwellers, the river homes large pods of hippos and a thriving fish community – something that the African fish eagle enjoys quite a bit.

The Savuti lions showing some ruthless behaviour

The Chobe National Park animals in the Savuti Marsh are a completely different experience altogether. The area comprises of natural pans and artificial waterholes – ideal for Chobe wildlife viewing. The area attracts herds of elephant and large lion predators; and what makes the Savuti so interesting is what happens between these two. A lion pride has no shame in preying on elephants. The Savuti lions do not stop with elephants though; they will happily tackle a 1000kg buffalo or even a hippo – a mind blowing phenomenon. Other Chobe wildlife on the lion menu includes zebra or even a casual antelope.

Birders paradise in Linyati

Linyati is birders paradise and is home to over 450 bird species. Pelicans, hornbills, egrets, African skimmers and herons are just some of the feathered fowls you’ll find here. In the winter months, the area is covered with thousands of Burchelle zebra who will stay here before heading to the Savuti in November. Other than zebra, plenty red lechwe keep the bellies of resident lions, cheetahs, wild dog and hyena full.

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