Itinerary Review for Kenya and Tanzania for a Five-star Safari trip By William A

OVERALL RATING: 3/5 • REVIEWED: 28th September 2013

Great game viewing in Kenya and Tanzania

This is an independent review by William From USA who traveled to Kenya and Tanzania for a Five-star Safari trip in September 2013.
was William's consultant

This evaluation is based on what we expected from a five-star Safari trip. On a scale of 5 to 10, 10 being the best I like to evaluate this Safari trip. Safari Hotel 9. Safari Link flights 10. Amboseli Park 9 - viewing and the closeness and quantity of wild life was overwhelming and impressive. May also be the result of being the first exposure to animals in their natural habitat. We also logged in 55 species of birds without really intending to. Masai tribe and living quarters a sham and rip off. Driver insisted of going back to retrieve some money for us that was over charged. Bad impressions, not good for Masai. They also lied to us about their life style and we detected their mode of transportation that they did not want us to see and know about which they had hidden away. Bad Masai. Masai Mara Reserve - 9 for viewing and guide for extra bonus. Lots of wildlife. Grass was dry and low. Advantage was that animals could be seen better. Disadvantage was that animals were at the end of sustainability. That is about when we should have headed home. We had seen everything we came to see. I got laryngitis because of Rhino Camp cold weather. We all concluded that this would have wrapped up a perfect Safari trip. Would not suggest more days to anyone. Ngorongoro Crater - Impressive. Too overgrazed. Waiting for rain. We seem to be waiting for the first animals to die of starvation. With over 250 Cape buffaloes munching away there did not seed em to be enough food to go around. Wildebeest looked underfed. Road extremely rough rate it 2. Biosphere makes us all think of our own biosphere, the planet Earth. In summary: Trip was too long - one week should be maximum. After two weeks I still have a stiff neck from the constant pounding of off-road travel. I figured we traveled on rough roads for approx 70 hours. One day it was 7 hours. My favorite day was when the Duggans went on the balloon ride and we left at 9AM, returned @ 13:00, had a great lunch at Governors Lodge, and went out again at 16:00 to return at 18:30. No rush and great viewing. I think the trip was too expensive and will under those circumstances discourage most people. I discussed the trip with interested party and most felt it was over the top. We also rewarded staff serving us to encourage them to keep a positive attitude. We attended a Bazaar when returning from Lake Duluti and found people there very friendly and courteous. Nothing like aggressive and pushy Egyptians. Visiting the museum is a must as it also includes sales of genuine Tanzania jewels and merchandise that can be shipped home. They appear very reputable. It is a very large compound off the road from Duluti Lake to Nairobi Wilson Airport. Thanks for your set up and input. William H. and Adrian M.

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