Itinerary Review for South Africa and Victoria Falls By Connie H

OVERALL RATING: 5/5 • REVIEWED: 1st June 2019

A Magical African Journey - Thanks to Safari365!

This is an independent review by Connie From USA who traveled to South Africa and Victoria Falls in June 2019.
Kelli Leibbrandt was Connie 's consultant

Safari365 created our MAGICAL African journey! My travelling companion and I had a wonderful time! We saw animals and animals and more animals. On our first game drive we saw 4 of the Big 5. On the second drive we saw the 5th. We saw wild dogs several times, and our driver said seeing them was quite rare. We saw 2 female lions with their cute cubs playing. That was a real treat! We were able to view all the Big 5 many times during our 7 days on safari drives, as well a multitude of other animals. We had a herd of elephants cross the road just in front of us. It took them a long time. Near the back of the herd were a mother and her baby. The baby turned to face our vehicle and showed off a bit... dancing from right front leg to left and lifting its trunk over and over as if to say, "See me. I can dance. See me. I can raise and lower my trunk. See me!" Experiencing the animals in their natural habitat was my main reason for making this trip at the age of 76. I had some challenges, but there were many kind people along the way who so graciously helped me meet those challenges. I had all the help I needed getting in and out of safari vehicles and vans, an arm or hand offered when walking over rough and uneven terrain, etc. Kelli Leibbrandt, our Safari365 contact, deserves all the credit for planning our fantastic trip, having transportation arranged to and from everywhere, selecting great accommodations, and choosing game reserves that provided exciting game drives. One evening when we went to dinner, we were guided to a room for private dining. We especially enjoyed that dinner because we were treated like royalty. Thank you so much, Kelli, for being so thoughtful! We also enjoyed seeing the Apartheid Museum and Victoria Falls. The museum gave me clear images of what it must have been like to experience the Apartheid firsthand. It was interesting to learn about Apartheid, but sad to think about how horrible it is that some people can treat fellow humans so badly. The helicopter ride over the majestic falls was everything I'd hoped for. The expansive views were exciting and breathtaking. We could see the entire falls. On the ground we had to move from place to see just sections of the falls, and it was difficult to imagine how far the falls extended. We have photographs that we'll treasure and share with anyone willing to look at them. Many thanks, Kelli! You have been truly wonderful to work with! And thank you, Safari365. Your company provides a 5-Star experience!

Kelli Leibbrandt

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