What are the Best Lodges to stay in during the Great Migration?

The Great Migration covers thousands of kilometers during the course of a year so there is no particular 'best' lodge for viewing the migration for the entire year. Travelers should also keep in mind that the Great Migration is dependent on rainfall and does follow the exact same route every year.

The trick then is to pre-book a lodge that will likely be in the vicinity of the Great Migration as it passes through the area more or less around the expected time of the year.

When deciding on the best lodge or camp for the Great Migration, there are two types to consider. The first is a permanent lodge or luxury tented camp. A second option is a mobile tented where the campsite is moved several times of a year to line up with the Great Migration movements.

Both styles of accommodation come with advantages and disadvantages;

Permanent Lodges and Tented Camps

Permanent lodges and tented camps tend to offer a superior service than the mobile camps. These permanent lodges and camps are fully equipped usually with kitchens, bars, swimming pools, laundry rooms and other luxurious facilities.

Mobile Tented Camps

Mobile tented camps are non-permanent structures that can move their location according to the Great Migration route. Mobile tented camps may be smaller and have fewer facilities but are by no means lacking in quality and service. These camps will still have chefs and camp waiters to cater to your needs. These camps offer a more immersive experience

We strongly recommend spending time in both types of accommodation on your migration safari.

Below is a list of some of our best Wildebeest Migration camps and lodges in Africa together with suggestions for accommodation reservation times which will help optimize your chances of seeing the migration. (Please note that most of these areas also offer excellent year-round game viewing outside of the Migration periods, so should not be thought of as 'migration only' lodges).

Tanzania's Northern Serengeti best migration lodges for August, September & October:

  • Serengeti Bushtops (5-star permanent tented camp)
  • Safari Camp (5-star permanent tented camp)
  • Nomad Lamai (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Lemala Mara (4-star mobile tented camp)
  • Nasikia Mobile Camp (3/4-star mobile tented camp)

Kenya's Masai Mara best migration lodges for August, September & October:

  • Mara Plains (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Mara Sand River (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Roberts Camp (5-star permanent tented camp)

Tanzania's Western Serengeti best migration lodges for June and July:

  • Singita Sasakwa (5-star permanent lodge)
  • andBeyond Grumeti River Camp (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Mbalimbali Soroi (4-star permanent lodge)
  • Mbalageti Safari Lodge (3-star permanent lodge)

Tanzania's Central Serengeti best migration lodges for May and December:

Lemala Ewanjan (4-star mobile tented camp)
Serena Serengeti (4-star permanent lodge)
Sopa Serengeti (3-star permanent lodge)
Nasikia Mobile Camp (3/4-star mobile tented camp)

Tanzania's Lobo Area best Serengeti migration lodges for November and December:

  • Klein's Camp (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Migration Camp (4-star permanent tented camp)

Tanzania's Southern Serengeti best migration lodges for January, February and March:

  • Mica Lodge (5-star permanent lodge)
  • Sanctuary Kusini Camp (5-star permanent tented camp)
  • Alex Walker Serengeti South Camp (4-star mobile tented camp)
  • Lake Masek Tented Camp (3-star mobile tented camp)
  • Ndutu Safari Lodge (3-star permanent lodge)

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