Wildlife Safaris 365

The world’s premier safari destination, and one of the last places on earth where you can experience wildlife in such abundance and escape the burdens of the modern world, Africa is a primal and staggeringly beautiful continent. It also offers huge scope within the concept of ‘safari’ – and your choice will be determined by what type of terrain and game you want to see, and what experiences you want to pursue. We specialise in Southern and East Africa, as we believe these are the regions where visitors can have the most meaningful, safe and comfortable experiences. Some destinations are more accessible (perfect for a first-time traveller), while others require a bit more commitment and the willingness to forsake some minor luxuries. We will take into account the type of trip you’d like to have and design an appropriate itinerary, one that will immerse you in the wild and provide you with lifelong memories of Africa as its most authentic.