Walking Safaris 365

In recent years the range and popularity of African walking safaris has increased dramatically, with many private lodges today offering a daily or multi-day walking safari as an alternative to game drives. If you are reasonably fit, don’t frighten easily and are looking for an intimate and interactive experience of the African bush, there is no greater way than walking in the wilderness. They’re generally conducted in small groups with a trained and armed guide. Being immersed in the landscape offers a totally different perspective and experience – the vulnerability of being exposed is exhilarating, and the exercise rewarding. It also allows you to see and appreciate details – trees, tracks, small creatures and birds – that you often miss while in a vehicle, which your expert guide will point out along the route. Zambia has long been considered the walking safari pioneer, with many other countries now following suit, including South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana.  

Walking safaris come in other forms aside from exploring the bush in search of wildlife – from a scenic experience of Cape Town on foot, to an adrenaline-pumping trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. We’ll help you find the ideal way for you to immerse yourself in your surroundings.