Beach Holidays 365

Africa is blessed with a spectrum of landscapes and scenery, and its coastlines are some of the most spectacular in the world, making it an ideal beach-holiday destination. The beauty of its beaches also lies in their variety – Africa offers every type of coastal escape you can dream of, from the cosmopolitan beaches of Cape Town (pristine and bracingly refreshing to swim in), to the low-key and rustic charm of Mozambique, the stark desolate beauty of Namibia, and the cultural-meets-tropical appeal of Lamu and Zanzibar. The Indian Ocean islands likewise, each boast unique attributes – Madagascar is ideal for the adventure enthusiast, Mauritius for families and watersports enthusiasts and the Seychelles for those looking for absolute exclusivity. If a beach escape is calling, and you’re finding it difficult to pick just one, allow us to help you choose the perfect destination to satisfy your need for sun, sea and sand.