Our Top Namibia Activities

Deserts, dunes and never-ending thrills; Namibia is a destination with no shortage of unique things to do.

The southern African country is home to arid landscapes, desolate coasts and sweeping desert plains as well as charming, vibrant towns and national parks filled with exciting wildlife. While neighbors South Africa and Botswana are popular with travelers for safaris and African getaways, Namibia shouldn’t be forgotten.

The country is a destination that has stunning landscapes, exciting wildlife viewing, warm people, rich history and a great variety of accommodation options. It is a place for adventure, culture, wildlife and discovery.

At each of Namibia’s unique destinations, there are a number of things to see and do – these are some of Safari365’s favourites:

Go wild at Etosha’s Salt Pan and Watering Holes

Namibia Things to do

Etosha is Nambia’s premiere safari destination. Head to the saltpans and watering holes in the dry season (June – August/September) for almost guaranteed wildlife sightings. Travelers could be lucky enough to see an eclectic mix of lions, rhinos, giraffe, antelope and more meeting in search of water during these cooler, dry winter months.

Drift over the Sossusvlei in a Hot Air Balloon

Namibia Things to do

Sossusvlei is one of the popular destinations in Namibia, situated in the Namib-Naukluft National Park (the largest conservation area in Africa!). Sossusvlei is a large clay and salt pan surrounded by towering sand dunes. For a truly memorable experience of the Sossusvlei, wake before dawn and drift over the beautiful landscapes in a hot air balloon.

Explore the Deadvlei

Namibia Things to do

This striking spot in the Namib Desert is a playground for photogrpahers. Deadveli (which translates to ‘dead marsh’) is a clay pan near Sossusvlei which isunique thanks to the striking 900-year old fossilized camel thorn trees sitauted in the pan. The blackened trees, white clay pan and surroundning red sand dunes are a striking combination; perfect to capture on camera.

Climb to the Top of Dune 45

Namibia Things to do

Dune 45 is arguably the most photographed sand dune in the world. Sunlight hits one side of the dune, throwing the other into shadow making for a beautiful contract. Put on your walking shoes and hike to the top of the dune to take in the panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. Watching the sunrise from the top is truly spectacular. It is quite a strenuous trek but the views are worth it.

Race Across the Desert on a Quad Bike

Namibia Things to do

Enjoy an adrenalin rush while gliding across the desert sand on a Quad Bike adventure. Race across the dunes or enjoy a leisurely drive across the arid plains of the Namib Desert with a trained guide. Two of the most popular spots for these excursions are near Sossusvlei and Swakopmund – the adventure capital of Namibia.  

Make a Splash Along the Coast

Namibia Things to do

Namibia isn’t just about deserts and dunes. Make your way to Walvis Bay on the Atlantic Ocean coast to embark on a cruise. Learn more about Namibia’s marine life and keep a look out for seals, dolphins, pelicans and whales. Taking to the water is a unique experience of Namibia’s coast.

Explore the Wrecks of the Skeleton Coast

Namibia Things to do

Named for the many ships that have sunk in the area over the centuries, Namibia’s skeleton coast is a hauntingly scenic destination. This uninhabited coastal area stretched from Swakopmund to the northern border with Angola and can feel like visiting the end of the earth. Animals specially adapted for the desert roam the sands including zebra, giraffe, hyena and desert-adapted elephant.

Go Back in Time in Twyfelfontein

Namibia Things to do

Namibia is home to some of the best preserved rock art in Africa. At Twyfelfontein you will find Namibia’s most picturesque attractions.  Admire the ancient collection of +-2500 rock paintings and carvings – some of which are estimated to be about 6000 years old.

Visit a Ghost Town at Kolmanskop

Namibia Things to do

Kolmanskop Photo credits to Damien du Toit

An eerie stop in the Namib Desert is Kolmanskop. The town as initially after the discovery of diamonds in Namibia in the early 1900’s but as the diamonds dried up, the residents began to move on from Kolmanskop. Nowadays, Kolmanskop is a ghost town. Over the years the elements have taken over; desert sands have swept through the abandoned buildings. It is a great (and quite haunting) spot to visit.

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