Safari365 Spends the Night on Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a Cape Town icon. The city center is nestled at the base of the majestic mountain and paying it a visit is a must-do activity while in the city. In April 2018, a few Cape Town-based members of the Safari365 team embarked on an overnight hike to Overseers Cottage on Table Mountain.

Beginning our hike at Constantia Nek, a light drizzle accompanied us as we made our way up the Jeep Track (an easy, wide dirt track which winds up the mountain). Around us, there were a number of hikers beginning their treks; making the most of a beautiful Saturday. The clouds began to clear as we reached the top giving us panoramic views of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Once we had dropped our backpacks off at the beautifully positioned cottage, it was time for even more hiking. We pulled up our socks and headed to Hely-Hutchinson Dam where we enjoyed lunch next to the rippling, dark blue waters.

It is incredibly peaceful at the top of the mountain. Other than the bubble of chatter coming from our group and the “hellos” shared as we passed groups of hikers, all we could hear were the sounds of nature. Lapping water, rustling leaves and flapping wings.

After lunch, we traipsed back through the wilderness to the cottage for the night. That evening, our team bonded over a classic South African braai. It was a night filled with good food, big laughs and great company.

Spending a night on the mountain was incredibly special. We were able to witness the sunset which threw streaks of gold, orange and red across the sky. When the sun disappeared behind the horizon, the city lights were illuminated creating a twinkling map of Cape Town spread out below us.

Day two began with a misty, magical sunrise. Coffee and muffins were our fuel for the morning and by the time we were ready to trek back, the sun was beating down in full force.

While a fit few took on the Orange Kloof hiking route for the descent, the rest of our group took a leisurely meander down the Jeep Track again.

At the bottom, sweaty but happy to have made it, we enjoyed a well-deserved refreshment before heading home revitalized by our night on the mountain.

Check out a gallery of our trip below!

Hike to Overseers Cottage Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage
Hike to Overseers Cottage


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