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The one great benefit of working in travel is, indeed, traveling. Every year we pack our bags, leave sunny Cape Town office, and venture into Africa in an effort to bring you the finest advice on the newest, best and greatest.

This year we decided to do it live!

Our live Instagram safari of Tanzania officially kicked off on the 18th June and in 12 days we explored Kilimanjaro, sipped on Serengeti beer (and a wildebeest migration themed cappuccino!), jumped with Maasai Tribes and captured sizzling wildlife shots.

If you missed it, don’t worry. Here’s a full recap of our live Instagram safari of Tanzania. Enjoy and don’t forget to like and follow us on Insta!

Day 1: On the first day we were met by this glorious view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our journey had begun…

We also ran into some of our guests – who would later send us a video of their Tanzania safari! Watch it here.


Day 2: What’s a vacation without tasting the local produce? These Serengeti and Kilimanjaro brews were served up with our Arusha lunch. A true African combination no doubt.


Day 3: We ventured into Tarangire National Park and were greeted by these behemoth baobabs at Swala Safari Camp. These majestic trees are so huge they can dwarf any surrounding environment.

Day 4: Spotted! These pot belly hippos in Lake Manyara might look gentle from a far but they are known as the most dangerous animals. Fortunately all is safe with the right guide.

Day 5: This lioness near Tarangire and Manyara submissively let me take half dozen pictures of her – what a model!

Day 6: After a wildebeest cappuccino, we went to our new lodge and were welcomed by this Masaai tribe. My travel friend, Carla (smiling at the back), couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

Day 7: The wildly abundant Ngorongoro Crater never ceases to amaze. This fallen volcano is packed with wildlife and spine tingling vistas.

Day 8: We decided to explore the deeper depths of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and went road tripping. That’s me with Killer, our awesome game driver.

Day 9 - 10: Still discovering the crater, these quirky striped fellas were seen across the horizon. A safari in Tanzania is all about quantity and quality.

Day 10 - 11: You can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of adventure in the whole of East Africa. Tanzania tickles and inspires that feeling we experience when we think of far off lands…

Day 11 - 12: Over 2 million as animals trek through Tanzania’s Serengeti yearly during the great migration – dubbed the greatest show on earth. It’s as much a bucket list item as any of the 7 wonders of the world.

Day 12: Good bye Tanzania and hello Cape Town. What a truly beautiful world we live in.

If you want to have an experience similar to mine, why not check out our Tanzanian travel packages? Our travel consultants are waiting to make your African adventure a reality just as they have for so many before. Come enjoy a trip of a lifetime with us.

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