Getting Married in the Middle of Nowhere

Ever wanted to have an extraordinary wedding, possibly in a place none of your friends have ever been at not to mention gotten married in? Do you want to make to best day of your life really unforgettable and not just another wedding? Have you been worried about the size of your wedding, and finding a place big enough to hold your entire guests? Have you never heard about “the Moonlandscape Wedding”, “the Safari Wedding”, “the River Boat Wedding”, “the Conservation Wedding”, “…” but want to find out more?

Than today must be your lucky day.

Since you are only getting married once (fingers crossed) you might as well make it as special and breath taking as it gets. Just imagine you are having your wedding in one of the most sparsely populated places of the world, feeling like the only people on this earth. Namibia, a country with one of the most diverse landscapes of them all, could be just the perfect place for you.

Do you want to step in the footprints of Neil Armstrong, but can’t afford to fly to the moon? The Moonlandscape Wedding in Namibia would be perfect for you. Bring as many guest as you like to a landscape that was the movie set for the latest Mad Max movie, with beautiful rock formations and endless horizons that will leave you and your guest speechless. Or maybe you think your big day deserves the big 5. A Safari Wedding is just what you have been looking for. In the middle of Etosha National Park, a park the size of New Jersey, you could have elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, and buffalos stopping by and be the special guest of your wedding. Maybe you rather want to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Namibia desert. Where there is nothing besides the rolling dunes and the sapphire sky, as far as the eye can see. You don’t think rain and your wedding day don’t go well together? Well according to Hindu Tradition rain on your wedding day mean good luck, so why not getting married in the Namibian Savannah and being amazed by how within minutes perfectly blue sky is taken over by rolling black thunderclouds that bring echoing grumbles and lightning bolts stretching from one corner of the sky to the other. The heavens open… and then, before you know it, it’s all over. The sun shining and the skies perfectly blue once more. The only sign of rain is the fresh smell in the air and a sense of the bush coming to life again.

Wedding in the Savannah in Namibia (Picture by Susan Nel Photography)

(picture taken by Susan Nel Photography)


Your wedding in Namibia doesn’t have to be the end to your Africa trip, what would you say if I would tell you that Safari 365 has just the perfect Honeymoon Specials to make your honeymoon just as great and unforgettable as the wedding itself.

Of course planning is a big topic when it comes to getting married. You will have very little to worry about. You will find numerous companies in Namibia doing desert catering, transportation and will help you set up everything you need for your special day. Find tons of amazing Namibian accommodations to stay at and give your wedding the final touch. 

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