Take a dip in Devil's Pool

Victoria Falls is home to one of the most unique swimming experiences in the world.

Right on the edge of the famous waterfall is an infinity pool comparable to no other. After millions of years of erosion, many rock pools have formed in and around Victoria Falls – the most well-known being Devil’s Pool.

A swim in Devil’s Pool is not for the faint-hearted. During low water season, while the river is not as strong, the rushing waters of the Zambezi River continue to tumble over the edge of waterfall and a beautiful natural pool forms. A low lip of rock forms a barrier that keeps swimmers from flowing over the edge allowing them to enjoy soaking and splashing in the waters on the precipice of Victoria Falls.

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Those brave enough can embark on a journey to the pool which will involve a rocky, trek, a short swim in the Zambezi as well as a stop at Livingstone Island. Devil’s pool is situated next to Livingstone Island which is the famous spot from which explorer David Livingstone first viewed the magnificent waterfall.

During the months that the Devil’s Pool is accessible, scheduled departures leave form the Royal Livingstone Hotel on the Zambian side of the falls. A short boat trip following the same path that Livingstone did all those years ago and travelers will be on Livingstone Island. After a tour of the island, its time to paddle, swim and clamber into Devil’s Pool. Fitter swimmers can make the short swim across the Zambezi’s water while anyone who needs the assistance will be helped across by a guide. The guides will be there the whole way for supervision and assistance.

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Swimming in the Devil’s Pool can be done in conjunction with a Livingstone Island Tour. This activity needs to be done under professional supervision as it can be dangerous. Devil’s Pool is open from approximately September to January during low water season.

Victoria Falls is known as the “Adventure Capital of Africa’ thanks to the adrenaline pumping activities travelers can look forward to including bungee jumping and white water rafting. A visit to the Devil’s Pool is definitely one of the top adventure activities and is sure to get even the toughest traveler’s pulse racing!

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